IFA 2019


IFA 2019

Throughout history, every milestone in technology and innovation has its horizon. This year at IFA, Europe’s largest tech show, this horizon was in full swing. We didn’t see an abundance of mind-blowing inventions or science fictions that will change the world forever, but instead a colossal effort to improve, fine-tune and advance existing innovations.

Image source: IFA Press

The three key trends we saw at IFA this year were surrounded by 5G, Smart Home and Wearable Technology, with all three promising game-changing innovations for the consumer electronics market.

We saw the addition of 5G hitting the mainstream by bringing connected living to everyone and everything they own, from houses, cars, and pets to vacuum cleaners, robots, and kettles.

In each of the 27 halls were dozens of global brands from Philips, Samsung, and LG to lesser-known European brands all connecting our consumable worlds through our devices and wearables. Wearable technology has seen a spike with a 19% year-on-year growth and a 10% penetration; the wearable culture has come of age this year at IFA.

Equally present was the product life cycle model as consumers look for products that will serve its purpose over a longer period of time, ensuring they are as sustainable as possible. There were still many niche players at IFA and there does seem to be a race toward a new era of sustainable retail.

Image source: IFA Press

IFA is at the centre of innovation for the electronics market. It's an opportunity for brands to bring their technologies to life among the engagers, the first movers and now the lifers. The question we should raise as shopper experts is how can we bring the vision and vigour expertly showcased at IFA to a more scalable solution that inspires everyone in the retail space? The story of ‘connected life’ has reached its horizon and retail is now the only platform in society where this story can be told in a truly engaging and physical way.


The Shopper Agency were briefed in April 2019 to develop an IFA dealer hall experience that would bring to life the new partnership between Philips TV and Audio. TP Vision highlighted the new partnership by bringing digital to the forefront of the experience and amplifying the potential of Philips products.

TP Vision, the global electronics giant behind Philips television and audio, demonstrated a future vision for retail by creating an omnichannel experience linking their TV and Audio categories at IFA 2019. TP Vision highlighted the new concept through an immersive experience that showcased its award-winning 984 OLED+ TV while creating a fluid narrative with its Audio products.

The Shopper Agency created and delivered a solution which showcased the new retail concept for Philips Audio and TV within this still emerging category. Key to the execution of this concept was working closely with the team at TP Vision to define the category solutions while allowing visitors to physically interact with these products.

Image source: Philips at IFA 2019

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