Putting Shoppers First - June Edition


Our insights into brands’ newest ventures and innovations across both physical and digital platforms. From new e-commerce channels through to in-store re-design, we take a look at how brands are bringing creativity, convenience and connectivity to shoppers against the backdrop of COVID.

Amazon Air Boosts Aircraft Fleet Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Convenience versus a sustainable planet. Imagine if Amazons algorithm identified products in your search results that were closest to your location and that would use less resources to get it to you. Perhaps even rewarding sellers in the search ladder who offer more sustainable services. The consumer plays a huge role in the sustainable challenge. Would we potentially all make different product choices if we were more informed of a products origin?

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John Lewis, Waitrose Free Virtual Workshops During Lockdown

Before COVID-19 hit the global economy, consumers around the world were bringing wellbeing in-house, turning to new technologies and trends in the health and wellness industry. Waitrose, John Lewis and Vitality have recently launched a series of virtual free workshops exclusively for myWaitrose and myJohnLewis that focuses on health & wellbeing. A great example of a timely partnership that responds to the consumer’s pain points during lockdown and offers a positive, convenient experience for users.

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Image source: Rapha

How Rapha Is Building Its Online

The cycling market is booming and there’s no wonder why- the roads are quieter; the air is cleaner and there are massive health and wellness benefits. Rapha is a great example of a brand that has been flexible and agile during Covid-19, creating a sense of community online, organising remote social, live-streaming indoor training and yoga sessions. Some of their online innovations during lockdown could become a permanent fixture once stores reopen with the traditional path to purchase for the market changed forever.

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The Launch of Facebook Shops

Over the next 12 months we will see many announcements like this that scales our social channels into global commercial marketplaces. The shopper journey that many marketers were familiar with will no longer make sense, so it's time to re-evaluate your engagement strategy and adapt to the ever-changing landscape. This development will not only support the big brands and retailers but the smaller businesses who have been operating exclusively online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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UK Social Buyer Audience Will Grow To 10 Million This Year

There is no surprise that the social buyer audience is forecast to reach 14.7 million by 2023. With the launch of Facebook Shops, the rise in shoppers using their mobile devices and more and more turning to social platforms for reassurance, inspiration and gratification we should all take note of the innovations that are coming through. Social commerce will play an even bigger part for brands and retailers as we ease out of lockdown to build back up consumer confidence.

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Welcome To The Latest Platform 'Squad Shopping'

A new platform has been developed to make e-commerce social by letting users shop online in groups otherwise known as ‘Squad Shopping’. This concept couldn’t have come at a better time, when we are all craving human and social interaction. The platform is perfectly targeted to Gen Z, who in the main enjoy shopping with friends.  We all know peer-to-peer recommendations, opinions count the most and are hugely powerful drivers of shopper decisions and the platform allows just that, friends to shop with you so you get an authentic opinion.

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Gucci Live Launches Personalised Video Shopping

The latest way to shop inspired by Covid-19. Gucci’s new personalised video shopping service Gucci Live, lets staff communicate with shoppers on their mobiles or laptops from the comfort of their own homes. This is a great way to keep in touch with clients, showcase the latest products whilst offering a personal shopping service associated with luxury. This service can be offered from anywhere in the world which creates a strong global community for the brand. Staying true to their values the brand is delivering a service that is a human touch powered by technology.

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Image source: The Yes

The Yes Personalised Shopping App Launch

Consumers are becoming more and more demanding of the services and products they are purchasing and brands and retailers are coming under pressure to deliver a personalised journey for their shoppers from start to finish. The role of AI will be fundamental to enhancing the personalisation experience. The Yes is an AI powered shopping personalisation app that offers the many options of the department store experience and the personalised attention of a local boutique. The Yes app delivers the perfect environment and service whilst answering all the shopper pain points. Could this be the new way to shop?

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