Hello days

Wherever you’re from. Whatever you do. We’re interested in you. Pop in and say Hi.

Come on in.

The agency is lovely and warm.

Say hi to hello days. 

Tea. Biscuits. Us and you.

Every quarter we’re putting a day aside to welcome the world to The Shopper Agency.

Be nosy. Sell hard. Kill time. Ask advice. Probe deeply. Need biscuits.

Whatever your reason, we’re here to grill and be grilled.

Think speed dating but slower, less social awkwardness and we won’t judge you on your shoes.

It’s not every day we’re on the hunt for new people or suppliers but we are ALWAYS looking to meet more like minded people.

You might be a student in your final year. You might be a supplier with an incredible new product. You might be an account handler or designer from a local agency sneaking over for an ice breaking chat. 

Whatever your background, wherever you’re from we want to get to know you better.

Interested? It’s a date.

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