Behavioural research

Using a blend of traditional and cutting edge research techniques we gather real insights to uncover the hidden motivations, needs and behaviours of your shopper.

Over the years we have observed thousands of shoppers shopping a diverse number of services and categories. What we have learnt is that each participant we have worked with was very unique. Unique in attitude, life stage and how they felt about a given topic or situation.

It was our quest to find common ground throughout the studies, a set of parameters that attributed to purchase insight. Our proven ‘purpose triggers’ were the result. We found that amidst the unique nature of each participant were common triggers that justify the purchase, whether planned or not. These 4 triggers are fundamental to the success of our company and are a constant throughout the insight and creative work we do.

Individual shoppers are unequivocally unique, but what triggers their purchases is surprisingly common.


The primary human instinct. To survive, protect life.

In the shopping context - survival shopping varies widely between one person to another, but common is the low consideration and emotional engagement committed to the purchase. In one context survival shopping is given little thought and considered as a necessity. However, we also apply survival shopping to those things we trust and buy regularly.


The curious human, the belief in a better purpose. In the shopping context - progress shopping can often be associated with invention. Those of us who adopt early to new ideas and strategies shop with progress in the foreground. Progress is a strong shopper strategy in the contemporary world, as new technologies, ideas and strategies are prolific.


The most individual instinct. To differ, or belong. In the shopping context - expression can be measured in two distinct ways, how we shop to express who we are and how we shop to express how we feel for others. Shopping to express concentrates on self judgement, creativity, social strategies and leadership. Whether we wish to differ in society or belong, express shopping takes the lead.


The human achiever, empathetic and caring. In the shopping context, reward shopping again stimulates two strategies, self reward and shared reward. To belong, we are measured by achievement. In today’s society it is perfectly acceptable to acknowledge through reward shopping - achievements, empathy and care for oneself or others.

Through our continuous desire to understand unique shopper behaviours we have developed a Behavioural Research service offering using both traditional research techniques and cutting edge tools.

Our methodology neutral approach enables us to build bespoke research programmes that uncover the behavioural insights you need to create more effective shopper experiences.

Communities & customer panels

Identifying and recruiting online or physical communities, we provide the environments and tools for your target, and current shoppers to discuss topics and themes that are most relevant to them, and valuable to you.

Emotional/galvanic response analysis

Using cutting edge neuro-marketing tools we’re able to understand biological responses to assess instinctive reactions to human experiences. Either in-store, or a controlled research environment, we can test and measure responses to different scenarios.

Eye tracking

Eye tracking provides valuable insight into shopper behaviour which is crucial in determining how to most successfully attract attention, merchandise products, use navigation, marketing, displays, and other influential factors in influencing shopper behaviour.

Anonymous audience measurement

Either as a stand alone project, or built into an in-store digital display we can use Anonymous Audience Measurement software to uncover insights into your shoppers; age, gender, emotional sentiment, audience volume, and dwell time.


Ethnographic research provides an in-depth insight into consumer views and actions along with the stimulation they encounter during the day. It gives us an understanding of how they see the world and their day-to-day interactions.

Diary studies

An ethnographic tool - mobile optimised research diaries give us a window into participants’ lives for contextual insights. We recruit relevant audiences and use diary tools to document and interject at key moments in their day.

Focus groups

Focus groups, capture the ideas and opinions of your consumers in real-time contributing to longer, more reflective qualitative research. Our focus group tools offer a range of interactive stimuli to get the discussion going.

Shopper intercepts

Interviewing shoppers at store can uncover immediate insights. Pre, during or post shop, we speak to shoppers to understand product/brand stand out or recall, shopper missions, reactions, and opinions.

Social listening

Monitoring real peer-to-peer conversations uncovers insight into true beliefs and behaviours around a topic or category. Knowing when, where and how people discuss a topic allows us to deliver relevant messaging influencing future decision making.

SX / UX research

Using various tools we uncover behaviours and opinions at every step of the customer decision journey.

Principles from UX design ensure real world shopper experiences are as  seamless and intuitive as the digital tools we use everyday.

Visual saliency analysis

Using in-house software based on thousands of academic studies, we use algorithms to predict the way the human eye responds to a scene or visual communication. This guides messaging, layout, and format of design to maximize impact and visual processing.

VR eye tracking

Using virtual retail environments and cutting edge VR headsets featuring eye tracking capability, we test shopper’s reactions to creative concepts. With live questioning we get a thorough understanding of what catches shopper’s attention, and why.

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