Retail design

From a display on shelf, a full category, a shop-in-shop, a pop up shop, to a full store design, we bring experience in retail to life.

Paint has no purpose without a canvas! The environments in which people shop is fundamental to the behaviour and outcomes of any shopping journey. We go one step further than just designing the category, POP materials, or developing retail technology experiences - we strategically develop the entire shopping environment for our clients.

With continuing changes in our shopping habits and behaviours, and the growth and diversification of ways and where’s of shopping, physical retail needs to change with it. There will always be a demand for a physical shopping experience, but demands and expectations of physical shopping experiences are shifting away from simply a place for transaction, to something much richer, more engaging and more exciting.

That’s why we place our emphasis on understanding those shifting shopper demands, and expectations, and design the shopping environment from the shopper’s perspective, improving overall store performance and experience.

Competitor benchmarking / store audits

Understand your retail landscape from an unbiased, shopper perspective.From a single store to a multi-national or multi-channel review, we conduct field, store visits, reviewing from a shopper’s viewpoint, speaking to store/sales-staff, and documenting our findings.

Category / store flow analysis

Using our behavioural research tools, we can identify how people navigate a specific fixture, category or full store.Reviewing this data we identify the behavioural patterns, obstructions, challenges and opportunities to improve shopper experience.

Fixture design

From a shelf display to a fixture, we design with human needs in mind.The design, communications, layout, scale, materials, product merchandising, are all considered to ensure an effective shopper experience at fixture.

Store design

Starting with a detailed understanding of the shopper and their missions, needs and behaviours, we design retail stores with the right balance of brand experience, digital engagement, layout and orientation, human interaction, and product merchandising.

Retail brand guidelines

Ensuring brand consistency and shopper relevancy is key to delivering shopper experiences for brands that operate across multiple channels, categories, or markets.We develop retail brand guidelines to inspire and guide your teams.

Concept store design

Flagship and concept retail are becoming ever more important for brands and retailers to re-engage shoppers, announce their new vision for retail to the market, and test and learn new technologies and engagement ideas.

Prototyping, manufacture & installation

Our hands-on, knowledge of the manufacturing process enables us to design with production in mind.We work with a network of suppliers to prototype for live testing and final approval, manufacture, and project manage installation.

CAD planning

From a single fixture to a full retail store, our team of technical 3D designers produce detailed CAD plans for design specification and manufacture.

Service design

As part of our Shopper Experience design process we identify where and when there is a need for service support.We work with clients to ensure shopper needs are met, and design services & human interactions to deliver them.

Visual merchandising

Shoppers want products displayed in way that is both impactful and easy to shop.Our retail design team are experts in visual merchandising, combining product density, with visual impact, and shopability.

In-store technology

Our approach to technology is to first define a clear shopper need – to engage, to entertain, to speed up transaction, or aid shopper decision making.Then, with our network of technology partners we develop solutions to meet those needs.

Digital content

Whether online, mobile, OOH or in-store, content plays an important role in engaging people in micro moments throughout their daily lives.We apply our shopper behaviour knowledge with UX design to produce digital content, from online to in-store.

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