Shopper marketing

Whether it’s to launch NPD, trigger a new consumption occasion, or drive category penetration we know when, where and how to speak to shoppers.

The vital and final element in shopper marketing is the conversation you have with your shopper. In whichever channel they shop, it is fundamental that the communication strategy reflects their behavioural expectations. The shopper communication strategy is language that bonds brand and retail together, informs, inspires and if done properly converts the promise.

As a shopper marketing agency, we work with an exciting mix of household brands, answering their shopper communication challenges with a ‘shopper first’ approach, understanding what we need to do to influence them to your advantage.

Customer decision journey mapping

Using our behavioural research we identify when and where key decisions are made in a shopper’s journey to purchase, and beyond. Using this knowledge we map out the journey, identifying the key moments of influence.


Research proves that multi sensory engagement makes long lasting and deep rooted impressions in our memories. We create multi-sensory experiences for our clients in retail to drive brand engagement and product trial.

NPD launches

75% of all NPD launches fail within the first year. Ensuring shoppers notice, understand, trial, and re-purchase are big challenges. From research, to packaging, shopper strategy, sampling, POS/POP design, and retailer sell-in; we work with brands to ensure NPD launch success.

In-store & on-line activation

Reaching shoppers on-line, in-store or both, we create campaigns and global campaign toolkits, that influence your shopper to try, buy, or buy more.

Category vision

Using insight and global trends, we work with our clients to define the future of their categories. Using strategy, communications, and 3D design we will bring to life the vision for your category.


Virtual and Augmented Reality offer new ways to engage shoppers. We create VR and AR experiences for brands and retailers to enhance the shopper experience based on an unmet need, either for engagement, entertainment or exploration.

Shopper messaging & hierarchy development

Knowing what, how, and where to communicate to shoppers is an essential part of the shopper marketing process. We bring together shopper behavioural experts and communication experts to make sure your message resonates.

Channel planning

We work to understand the nuances of shopper behaviour in different channels, and tailor shopper and retail strategies around this - grocery, convenience, fuel forecourts, cash & carry, on/off trade, high street, travel etc.

Retailer campaign adaptation & retailer sell-in

We make sure every campaign we create has a clear benefit to the retailer, and work with our clients to ‘sell in’ our ideas based on insight, understanding of retailer’s strategies, and commercial understanding.

Shopper / category research programmes

We use a mix of traditional, behavioural, and observational research methods to understand shopper behaviour in different channels, categories and retail environments to uncover key shopper & category insight.


We blend shopper behaviour knowledge, communication expertise, design & creativity to make POS and POP effective for your brand.From bespoke solutions to campaign driven activity, we make sure your POS/POP effectively guides your shopper.

Sales promotion

To drive trial or repeat purchase, sales promotion is an effective tool for attracting shoppers. From on-pack promotions, text to win, or gift with purchase, our team have extensive experience of creating and managing SP campaigns.

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