What are the best features in far cry primal?

Today marks the release of the highly anticipated Far Cry Primal. Forget about everything you thought you knew about Far Cry, because gone are the days of machine guns, rocket launchers and gyrocopters. Ubisoft Montreal are turning back the clocks and sending you back into the days of bows and arrows, clubs, spears and wooly mammoths. Today, we’re discussing our favourite new features from the game.

Tame wild beasts. The most obvious (and most fun) new feature is the ability to tame and command wild animals to do your bidding. Wolves, bears, sabre-toothed tigers, you name it. Tame them, ride them, set them on other predators/tribes – have fun with it. There’s also the added ability to summon an owl. When called, the game shifts to the owl’s aerial view allowing you to scope an area, scout out enemy camps and even use it to attack enemies with it’s razor sharp talons.

A proper day and night cycle. It’s great to see a time cycle where, when it gets dark, you’re in more danger. It adds more depth and new challenges to an already interesting game structure.

No heavy weaponry. As aforementioned (albeit briefly), seeing as the game is set 10,000 BC, there’s no need to expect machine guns and rocket launchers. Instead think spears, bows and arrows, clubs, fire and slingshots.

A brand new language. Yes, that’s right – Far Cry Primal has it’s own, unique, brand new language created purely for the game. It (obviously) has English subtitles so you can actually understand what is happening in the game, but the introduction of a completely bespoke language is an impressive move.

Become a survivalist. Be prepared to keep yourself warm so you don’t freeze to death, run out of weapons, have to use fire to attack enemies/predators and keep yourself safe in the night because Far Cry Primal has an aspect of survivalism in it that Bear Grylls could only dream of. It does incorporate a similar health system to previous games, but with these extra survival challenges thrown in for good measure.