Deeper engagement

Fiskars - creating a category leader

With over 365 years of brand heritage, Finnish brand Fiskars had a story that needed re-telling to engage today’s busy homemaker.


With a heritage of craftsmanship and innovation stretching back to 1649, Finnish company Fiskars is one of Europe’s longest established and well respected brands.


Fiskars were keen to improve their kitchenware profile and product range in ICA, Sweden’s leading supermarket chain and prove they have the insight and vision to drive category growth for the retailer.


Shoppers regarded ICA as mainly stocking own-brand cheaper products, which increased the need for standout.


The first step was to commission in depth qualitative and quantitative research on consumer attitudes and behaviours when it came to ICA.

A key take out was that customers needed clearer navigation in the category and that they looked for inspiration while shopping for kitchenware. Current Fiskars stands often had gaps in the product display and were poorly maintained.

To remedy this, we took a 360° look at the brand in-store, covering everything from assortment hierarchy to visual brand language, packaging, furniture identity, engagement, education, promotional ideas and the space experience.

Using the standout brand orange contrasted with white and wood, we created a look and feel that was contemporary and fresh with strong connotations of home.

Confident bold type built-in clear signage for easy store navigation.

The brand developed a strong in-store personality, made all the more approachable with interactive installations such as touch screens and educational pieces on selecting the right utensil for the job.

Cross-selling with other brands helped to create inviting room settings. Display tables and demo-areas acted as inspiration, adding relevance and credibility to the brand.

Packaging reflected the new clean modern feel of the brand and was offset by promotional ideas such as an experiential cooking display, free recipes and the chance to win cookery courses, which put the brand firmly at the heart of the kitchen.


From a tired and overlooked store presence, Fiskars became a flagship brand in the category, driving additional footfall and sales in kitchenware and adjacent products.

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