Developing an immersive multi-channel gaming experience to improve Xbox console sales

Get GAME shoppers to experience the power, graphics and gameplay of the Xbox One in a fresh and interesting way across all channels.


It was vital to tap into the peer-to-peer competitive nature of gamers. The insight from research amongst gamers outlined that enabling an event that drove ‘bragging rights’ amongst the audience would generate  a high level of engagement.


The Xbox One Gaming Pod was designed and developed to deliver a unique, fully immersive gaming station across 10 flagship GAME stores. Using LED pixel screens on the walls and the floor, with surround sound, to make gamers feel like they were in the game, the experience allowed shoppers to share their experience on social platforms.


Over 2,300 gamers engaged across 10 stores of which 487 shoppers engaged with the brand for the first time. The campaign had a reach of 59,000 across social platforms which delivered a sales uplift of over 600%.

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