The shopper experience reimagined for Karndean

Revolutionising the retail experience in the flooring category

Putting the shoppers’ experience first from insight to intuitive design formed the heart of Karndean’s brand objectives


Karndean wanted to understand how customers make purchasing decisions when choosing the right flooring for their home. We were commissioned for our expertise in forging deeper relationships between the shopper and the brand.


Explore how shoppers behave and use the new insight to reinvent and re-define the retail experience. Look at every aspect of the shopping experience and develop a connection between the brand and the customer.


Only the brave reinvent themselves. It was a huge undertaking for Karndean to use insight to evolve. Our client was every department, every team and every Karndean colleague.


Considering that Karndean’s sales channel is through independent retailers, we had to establish a strategic plan that would ensure the shopper, the retailer and Karndean would all gain a better experience from the final solution.

Naturally, we started with a significant insight program. We knew very little about the motivations, behaviours and final actions of the shopper, so this became a fundamental element of our work.

New insight helped us discover and curate an entirely contemporary user experience from communications, interiors and services.


The new retail concept has given the shopper an enriched and fulfilling experience, maximising the opportunity for Karndean and their retailers to engage more effectively with new, existing and brand loyal shoppers.

Gavin Smith Marketing Director

"From the outset we wanted Karndean Inspire studios to be completely focused on the shopper, helping them choose a floor they’ll love for a lifetime, and The Shopper Agency was absolutely key in supporting us to deliver this.From day one they have worked tirelessly to understand our business, and become a valued partner delivering consistently excellent service.”

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