Bringing the Levi’s brand to life in retail

Working over 15 markets and 13,500 outlets, we deliver consistent brand stories that make stores a much more interactive environment.


Traditionally, Levi’s was always about the iconic red tab, with clothing racked and packed according to product. Since working with us, we have taken the brand from generic brand themes to active retail story-telling to create stores that invite the customer to engage with the brand.


Seasonal store merchandising, POS and window displays to bring the full Levi’s clothing range to life.


To create interesting and engaging concepts which are scalable enough to work across different size and format retail environments across Europe.


We source unique store furniture that adds individuality and charm to the retail space, creating a narrative that the customer can imagine themselves playing a part in. On a more functional level, we advise on densities and display to achieve the optimum sales environment.

To help the brand tell their retail stories in a consistent and meaningful way, seasonal window and store directives provide all the inspiration and instruction Levi’s need to create the desired store setting. By showing Levi’s ‘what good looks like’ they’re able to replicate key themes, layouts and window dressings in the most effective and engaging ways.


From a laid back holiday vibe to a sassy punk aesthetic and cycle-centric styling, we design and build structures which Levi’s can plug and play to create a consistent retail feel across different markets.

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