Avent continue to nurture parents

Bringing Avent to life, within Philips Retail Brand Guidelines

Applying our understanding the Philips Brand, the babycare shopper, and Global retail footprints.


We have worked with the team at Philips Avent since 2016. Through our extensive knowledge of the Philips Retail Brand Guidelines we have executed several key projects for them from a display for UGrow to a full ‘shop in shop’ in BOB Frechen and Chile.


To create a modular retail system that allows the Avent Brand Guidelines to be executed as an engaging Shopper journey with clean merchandising and navigation.


Applying our thinking and ideas to diverse Global retail footprints.


With each brief we work at both a consultative and activation level with the client. Understanding the unique mindset of a babycare shopper is key, we apply this knowledge together with our detailed understanding of the Philips Brand to create effective shopper experiences.

From the start of every project we collaboratively plan the process we must undertake to accommodate with local requirements within the application of the guidelines. For the ‘shop in shop’ project we deliver everything from initial space planning and elevations, 3D rendered visuals and on occasion initial GA dims for local manufacturing to work with.


A continued strong relationship with the client working across scalable touch points.

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