Television retail re-imagined

Guiding shoppers to the right Philips TV

Shopping for a new TV is exciting but with constant new product launches and many brands competing for share, it’s an overwhelming category to shop.


Working with Philips TV to re-imagine their TV category approach, we’ve moved from a fresh relationship to trusted and retained specialist partners in under 6 months.


To create a new, global Philips TV category approach, using shopper and retailer insight.


Creating a solution that works in multiple retail channels and formats, globally.


Understanding the nuances of the many different retail channels and formats globally, we started the process with field visits to key territories where we spent time observing shoppers in category, interviewing store managers and sales assistants, and auditing the different category layouts.

This highlighted our opportunities and challenges, specifically the need for greater brand impact to attract shoppers from elsewhere within the category, and a need for consistency in shopper communication, product display and merchandising. To highlight the unique offering of the key products within the Philips TV range (Ambilight and OLED) we created a display system that heroes the key SKUs and demonstrates the unique product benefits from a distance.

 A clear and easy to understand communication system, and merchandising plan, has made range navigation much simpler, making the category easy to self or assisted shop depending on the retailer.


Following a trial installation at MediaMarkt Amsterdam, we are now working with Philips TV’s approved manufacturing and installation partners on a global roll-out.

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